The Probonas Company was Established in 1970

By Michael Probonas, a man who spent his life and time, dedicated to his expertise in importing textiles and sewing quality clothing, having as an ultimate goal and care the superior quality result, along with the ensuing satisfaction and the aesthetic delight of his customers.

Because, for him, aesthetics was and still remains for his son, the way and the means for the creation of every single shirt for each and every customer.

Since 2000 Menelaus Probonas, Michael’s son, is occupied with sewing tailor-made shirts, using  special techniques of cutting your body measures,which aim at the better fit of the shirt on your body and at the coverage, as feasibly possible as it can be attained, of most of your body imperfections.

The textiles we use, originate from the best European factories, true to the supreme quality and authenticity-resilience standards.

Η ποιότητα είναι για εμάς αδιαπραγμάτευτη και αδιακύβευτη αξία, τόσο διαχρονική όσο και επίκαιρη.


In the store you can create, according to your personal taste and style, the shirt of your choice, through a huge variety of patterns and colors, out of the vast abundance of textiles, which you can find on our shelves.

You are also given the ability to choose among the original factory-made sample book of the most distinguished manufacturers like Monti –Grandi & Rubinelli– Canclini– Erba, as well as from the sample book of one of the oldest shirt manufacturers in Europe -with a 100 year old history,since 1918- the renowned Swiss Carl Albrecht & Robert Morgen, who created the world-wide famous Alumo shirts..


For the Selection of your Shirt’s Collars and Cuffs, You Will Definitely Need Our Help

So as to adjust the shape of the collar and the cuff, according to the shirt’s use and always mutatis mutandis to your face and neck, in order to match impeccably with your appearance and the use it is intended for.

In the field of wedding shirt, when everyone wants something special for the occasion, there is provided the ability of sewing different shirt patterns, along with the corresponding buttons, which can transform this particular shirt into a unique and simultaneously timely garment.

The ability of initials onto your shirt with your acronyms, either in Greek or Latin fonts, is an extra small, yet special detail you are rendered, which is going to make your shirt uniquely extraordinary and exceptionally genuine.

The letters can be placed on a noticeable or unnoticeable spot, according to your own preference. Furthermore, you can choose out of an enormous selection of colored silk threads, which will give to your shirt, beyond any doubt, your indelible signature and your unique imprint.


Interview at the Monopeto

Menelaus Probonas talks about all these things that a man has to take into account when choosing a shirt,for fabrics, collars, cuffs and for all those details that make the great difference to a man’s appearance.